Jolly's Treats & Party Rentals

Don't Cheat Yourself. Treat Yourself!

Terms & Conditions

Your event will not be scheduled without deposit.

Non-Refundable deposits are 30% of your total order are due within 48 hours of receiving invoice.

Totals less than $50 are due in full within 48 hours of receiving invoice.

Orders not placed at least 2 weeks before event date will require a $10 short notice fee.

Balances after deposit are due at least 7 days before event date.

Balances not paid by date requested will have a $10 late fee added and given an additional 2 days to clear balance before order cancels.

Packages do not include themes. Themes can be added for an additional $5.

Treat Packages cannot be altered, but items can be added for an additional fee.

Treat Table Packages can be altered. Items can be substituted for other items of equal or lesser value.

Specials cannot be altered.

Only one color is allowed per 1 dz apples unless ordering marbled apples.

Pick-Up time & location will be given at least 48 hours before event date.

All orders except treat tables, must be picked up by the time given. Orders will not be given to clients who show two or more hours late. 

Any questions concerning an order can be forwarded to us through the contact page.  


Regular Candy Apples $34 dz/$3 each

Marbled Apples  $36 dz

Themed Apples $40 dz

Unicorn Apples $60 dz

Dessert Shooters $40 dz

Pretzel Rods $22 dz/$2 each

Chocolate Number Pops $28 dz/$2.50 ea

Marshmallow Pops $15 dz/$1.50 ea

Oreo's $22 dz/$2 ea

Rice Krispy Treats $22 dz/$2 ea

Candied Popcorn $28 dz/$2.50 ea

Strawberries $15 dz/$1.50 ea

Alcohol Infused Strawberries $20 dz

50 Mini Pretzels $30

25 Mini Pretzels $15

10 Mini Pretzels $6

Gourmet Apples $34 dz/$3 ea

Gourmet Pretzel Rods $22 dz/$2 ea

Gourmet Oreo's $22 dz/$2 ea

Treat Packages

Basic Treat Package $75

     1 dz Apples

     1 dz Pretzel Rods

     1 dz Popcorn

Deluxe Treat Package $120

     2 dz Apples

     1 dz Pretzel Rods

     1 dz Oreos

     1 dz Rice Krispy Treats

Ultimate Treat Package $160

     2 dz Apples

     1 dz Candied Popcorn

     25 Mini Pretzels

     1 dz Rice Krispy Treats

     1 dz Oreos

     1 dz Marshmallow Pops

Themed Birthday Package $180

Ages (1-9)

     2 dz Apples

     2 dz Pretzel Rods

     1 dz Candied Popcorn

     2 dz Marshmallow Pops

     1 dz Choc. Number Pops

Party Rentals

Mascots/Costumes $70 Day

     Mascots Available: 


          Minnie Mouse

          Mickey Mouse

          Doc McStuffin


     Popcorn Machine $50 Day

          Includes 8oz Popcorn Machine with

          supplies for 20 guests. Extra

          supplies are sold in sets of 10 for an

          additional $5.

     Potato Sack Racers

          6 Large - $15

          4 Small - $10

          Rent All 10 - $20

Party Favors

Custom Coloring Books $34 dz

    Each book comes individually wrapped with crayons. Each book includes 6pages and a customized front and back cover sleeve to match the theme of the event.

Custom Chip Bags $36 dz

    Back of bag comes with nutrition label and bar code. Each bag includes a snack size bag of chips. 

Custom Mini Water Bottles $18 dz

Candy Bar Labels $18 dz. 

Custom Capri Suns $25 dz


Wedding Package

Cannot be altered! 
(Popcorn is packaged for you to present in display dishes. If you want the popcorn individually packaged, it will be an additional $20)
Package Includes:
4dz Themed Apples
4dz Pretzel Rods
4dz Popcorns
4dz Chip Bags

Fruit & Veggie Trays

Small Fruit Tray $30

     Green or Purple Grapes




Medium Fruit Tray $45

     Green or Purple Grapes





Large Fruit Tray $65

     Green Grapes

     Purple Grapes




     Honey Dew

Medium Vegetable Tray $30





     Veggie Dip

Add On's

Bling Sticks $10 dz

Ribbon Ties $6 dz

Clear Apple Boxes $5 dz

White Apple Boxes $5 dz

Flavors $3 dz

Straws $6 dz

Clear Bubble Containers $5 dz

Fondant $8 dz